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Should I Repair or Replace my Water Well?

Looking for Water Well Drilling in the Vero Beach, Sebastian or Okeechobee area?

Well drilling is one of the services we love providing to our hometown neighbors. We help business and homeowners by providing access to onside groundwater. Additionally, we offer well pump, irrigation pump and new sprinkler systems as well as water softener and filtration solutions you’ll love.

Should I Repair or Replace my Well?

Is your Water Well no longer producing the kind of water volume it once did? Or is your well now producing sand or other undesirable elements like hydrogen sulfide gas which can give water a “rotten egg” taste or odor?

Sadly, we have heard from our customers that they were told by another contractor they needed a new well. Yet in a good many cases we are able to make repairs that will resolve your issues and help you avoid the expense of a new water well. That’s because we are not just well drillers. We repair and install wells, pumps, irrigation systems and water softener and filtration systems. As such we commonly find there is a repairable issue in one of these systems that can be resolved without the need for a new well.

Many common repairs cost less than $200.


We love our work

Thumbs up for well drilling.  Yes, it’s a bit messy but it’s still really enjoyable work!

What kind of Water Well Drilling is Best for My Application in Vero Beach?

There are two main types of Water Well Drilling methods:

  1. A DRIVEN WELL is most commonly completed by driving 2” diameter threaded lengths of galvanized steel pipe into the ground and connecting them to the next with threaded couplings. Each section of pipe is about 21’ in length. The water well pipe is driven into the ground with a percussion technique such as cable pully which drops a weight or by use of an air hammer.

    1. The major disadvantage of this kind of well drilling is that the galvanized pipe will rust thru in as little as just a few years causing the well pump to not be able to draw water from the well.

  2. A ROTARY WELL is completed by spinning a drilling rod thru the consolidated layers using a cutting bit. During the drilling process drilling mud comprised of natural clay and water is pumped thru the drilling rod and returns the cuttings back up the space around the drilling rod to the surface. As the drilling mud is returned to the surface they are carefully evaluated to determine where the best water bearing formation is.

Next the drilling rods are removed one by one until all removed. Then 20 foot lengths of 2” or larger diameter PVC are inserted into the bore hole. The lowest section has small slots to allow water entry. Finally a gravel pack protects the slotted section and cement is used to fill the anulus around the pvc pipe to seal the pipe and protect the water bearing level.  Learn more about wells

Rotary water well drilling is the process we use because it produces the longest lasting well as there is no steel pipe to rust thru.

How much does a new water well cost?

The cost of drilling a new water well in Vero Beach, Sebastian or Okeechobee will vary depending on the following factors:

  1. The needed Water Flow Rate will be a significant factor in the diameter of the well casing and cost. A commercial farm or nursery will have a greater water flow rate need than a residential home. Most homeowners will need a 2” well.

  2. Next the kind of permitting that will be required will impact the complexity and expense. In addition to the county permit some circumstances require an additional “Limed Use Permit” to be applied for and obtained from the regional water management district. Also an additional permit and sealing process is required if you will be abandoning a prior well.

  3. And lastly the site conditions may affect the cost of the well. For example in some cases accessing the drilling site may require removal of fences or other obstructions.

In the case of a residential water well less than 100’ deep with no obstructions and no special permitting required and no prior wells to be abandoned a driven well would cost approximately $2,500.00.

How long does it take to have a New Water Well Installed?

The process of drilling your water well is completed in about one day. However there are permits that have to be applied for and a few other steps necessary before drilling can begin.

In many cases a residential water well can be completed in less than a week. And in emergency cases can be installed in just a couple days.

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