The Ultimate and Complete Guide to Outdoor Living Ideas in Vero Beach and Sebastian FL with Photos

Outdoor Living Ideas in Vero Beach and Sebastian FL

In this Guide You’ll learn:

  • When is the best time to update Outdoor Living Areas?
  • What are the different Kinds of Outdoor Living Improvements?
  • What are the Pros and Cons of each kind of Outdoor Living Upgrades?
  • How much does Outdoor Living Improvement Cost?

When is the best time to update Outdoor Living areas in Vero Beach and Sebastian?

  • You want the convenience and security of Privacy Landscaping
  • You want to experience a more inviting environment for relaxing and entertaining
  • You want a nicer curb appeal and resale value
  • You want to update or change the styling of your home with new Landscaping or Hardscaping

These are some of the considerations when evaluating when it may be the right time for outdoor living upgrades.  In addition to the aesthetic beauty of new Landscaping or Hardscaping, improving your outdoor living areas are the single most significant way to add memorable experiences to your home environment.

In many areas when searching for outdoor living upgrades near me you may have the option to use a Home Improvement loan for the purpose of these upgrades. These programs are for residential and commercial property owners. To learn more ask one of our outdoor living experts for details.

What are the different kinds of Outdoor Living Improvements in Vero Beach and Sebastian?

Also, what are some Pros and Cons and range of Cost of these Outdoor Living Improvements?


Outdoor Lighting and or Landscape Lighting

  • Updating your Outdoor lighting includes Landscape Lighting as a subset of the project. When you want to add outdoor lighting to entryways, porches or at entry doors these additions will likely be hardwired to your homes 120 VAC electrical system. Your Outdoor Lighting Contractor can help you select lighting fixtures and will involve an electrician for the new wiring these additional lights may require.
  • Landscape Lighting is the primary focus of many homeowners. It is the ideal solution when you want to use outdoor lighting to showcase the unique attributes of your home, landscaping or pathways. It is common for a Licensed Irrigation Contractor to also offer Landscape Lighting as one of their services.

Landscape Lighting Vero Beach and Sebastian FL


  • Pro’s and Con’s of Landscape Lighting in Vero Beach & Sebastian:

    • Pro’s:
      • These Landscape Lighting Systems use a controllable Transformer/Timer similar to an Irrigation System Timer to power you landscape lighting. This gives you the ability to automate the on/off times these lights.
      • Landscape Lighting Transformers output low voltage, 12VAC, making the system quite safe.
    • Con’s:
      • These systems require a nearby AC plug. Sometimes a plug is not located in an ideal location requiring some additional wire.
      • Though rare, a direct Lightning strike can cause a power surge damaging parts of the System and Transformer. The best way to protect against this possibility is to add FPL Home Surge Protection which will reimburse you for repair or replacement of covered items up to $5,000.
  • How much does it Cost to add new Landscape Lighting in Vero Beach or Sebastian?

    • Smaller Projects that add 2 – 4 Lights can run $800 – $1600 and projects with 6 – 12 lights can run $1,800 – $3,000. Location, type of lights or transformer and Brand can impact costs significantly.

Automatic Irrigation Systems

  • Adding an automatic Irrigation Sprinkler System is one of the most common Home Improvements New Homeowners in Vero Beach like to make. New Irrigation System Cost Vero Beach and Sebastian FL
    • Pro’s and Con’s of adding an Automatic Irrigation/Sprinkler System in Vero Beach & Sebastian:

    • Pro’s:
      • An automatic Irrigation System uses a controllable Timer to water your lawn and landscape. Adding an electronic Rain Sensor saves water.
      • Some Irrigation Timers allow you to Remotely Control your irrigation system from your cell phone.
      • When the water source of an automatic Irrigation/Sprinkler System is an Irrigation Well or a Lake homeowners in Vero Beach and Sebastian can expect to Save an average of $200 – $300 per month if they were previously irrigating with city water.
    • Con’s:
      • Like other systems around the home Irrigation Systems do need maintenance as they age. The most common cause of damage to sprinkler heads is caused by riding mowers or cars running over them. To protect your sprinkler heads it’s a good idea to install Concrete Sprinkler Donuts.
      • Many Irrigation Wells provide an abundant supply of water with little or no issues. There are however some areas of Vero and Sebastian where the water supply accessed via an Irrigation Well may have higher levels of iron causing rust colored staining over time. In these cases many homeowners solve this issue by having a Rust Stain Inhibitor Injection System added.


  • How much does it Cost for a New Irrigation/Sprinkler System in Vero Beach or Sebastian?

    • The most common lot sizes about ¼ Acre of land with basic landscaping like what is common with a New Construction Home can expect to spend $3,700 – $5,000 for the Irrigation System.
    • If the water source will be other than city water such as from a lake or Irrigation Well an Irrigation Pump and Pump Start Relay will also be needed. These items will add $1,000 – $1,300.
    • An Irrigation Well when needed will add $2,500 – $3,000.
      • Learn more about What’s the best kind of Irrigation Well? (Driven/Hammer Wells or Rotary Wells)

Outdoor Living Landscape Design in Vero Beach and Sebastian including Privacy Landscape

Outdoor Living Landscape Design Vero Beach and Sebastian FL


Nothing beats that feeling of coming home to a beautifully landscaped home. It is your own personal inspirational oasis. Often times simply installing new turf grass and a few simple modifications to your yard can make a world of difference as seen here.

Considering a DIY Landscape project? Read this article to get some great insights. TWENTY-TWO IDEAS FOR A LOW-CARE, LOW-COST LANDSCAPE

Or if your like many people contacting a local Landscape Designer and having them do the heavy lifting figuratively and literally may be more your speed.

Vallejo’s Lawn & Landscaping – Juana Vallejo – 772-584-2045

  • Lawn Care / Custom Landscaping / Tree Trimming

Privacy Fencing

Installing the right kind of Shrubs is a great way to add to an existing fence or completely develop Privacy without interrupting your Cottage or Tropical Landscaping theme.

Landscape Privacy Fence Ideas Vero Beach and Sebastian FL

  • Some favorite Privacy Fence Shrub varieties include;
    • Boxwood varieties
    • Clusia rosea & Clusia guttifera
    • Silver Buttonwood
    • Sea Grape
    • Umbrella Plant – Shefflera actinophylla
    • Wild Coffee – Psychotria nervosa
    • Green Arboricola – Schefflera arboricola


Vero Beach Hardscaping Ideas include things like; Stone Retaining Walls, Stone Walkways, Wooden Decks, Wooden Arbors/Gazebos, Pergolas, Stone Fountains, Stone Fire Pits,