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How much does a Water Well Pump Repair Cost?

Don’t replace your well pump if it’s not necessary.  Let us quickly and accurately repair it for you.
Many times our Well Pump Repair Service Call including Parts and Labor is less than $250.00 and restores the function of your water well pump for years to come.

When it’s time for New Well Pump Installation or Replacement get a Better Warranty

Should you need Well Pump Replacement or New Installation we offer same day delivery and the option of pro installation with and Extra Year of Warranty.

Water Well Pump Repair and Installation Vero Beach FL

What you should experience with an excellent Water Well Service Contractor

Some well pump troubleshooting diagnostic steps are simple such as verifying power to the pump.  However, when the problem is not clearly apparent it is much more cost effective to call for help.  It is all too common to be called to a site after another inexperienced contractor or well-intentioned homeowner randomly replaced the well pump or other expensive parts and sadly discovers it didn’t solve the problem.

Our team has well drilling and well repair experience and will follow a logical step by step water well pump repair troubleshooting process.  Your water system contractor should be able to show you how your system works.  Then we show you evidence of what part(s) are faulty and how that conclusion was made.

As necessary our team can also diagnose and repair any area of your water softener system, filtration system or sprinkler system.

What You can Expect from our Water Pump Repair Pro's


Team leadership is reachable and at your service. Neat, highly skilled technicians ensure you have a great experience.

Fast Response Well Pump Repair

Out of water calls are always a  top priority.   Call us and discover how passionate we are about being in your service.

Water Softener, Irrigation or Well Pump Repair with Better Warranty

With Quarterly Sprinkler Maintenance Service receive an extra 12 months of warranty on all Pumps we install. Ask us for details.

Signs or Symptoms of a Bad Water Pump with Well Pump Troubleshooting

What to check if Your Water Well Pump is Not working at All

  • Start by checking the double-pole circuit Breaker supplying power to the pump. If it is tripped reset it then check if your well pump is working. If the breaker continues to trip it may be a sign you have a bad water pump or need well pump repair and you will want to call a Pro for help.
  • Also see: How do I get Water if my Well Pump isn’t working in our FAQ section below.

Your Well Pump Works but No Water is being provided

  • First, be sure your pump is not running continually without water flow more than a few minutes or it could overhead the pump and damage it. If the pump is hot to the touch turn it off and let it cool down.  Then when cool re-prime the pump by adding water to the pump for further testing.
  • When your water pump works but there is no water this symptom can occur if your well is producing sand or shell and has clogged the pump. Check your home’s pre-filter for sand or shell.  If present you’re going to need a well pump repair contractor to help with a pump and well repair.
  • Your check valve may be faulty allowing loss of well pump prime. If you re-prime your well pump and have normal flow of water but it loses prime quickly after turning off it could be a check valve issue or a vacuum leak.  If you re-prime your well pump but still there is no water there may be other issues.
  • Another common issue is a vacuum leak. If your well or pipe from the well to the pump has developed even a tiny pinhole sized leak this would keep the pump from being able to draw water from the well.
  • Lastly your pump may be damaged due to normal wear and age or there may be a combination of these issues.

Shallow Well Jet Pump Comparison Chart - with Pros and Cons

Big Box – Lowes/The Home Depot Well Pumps

Over all Rating: Low Quality

Pros: Well Pumps sold at Home Depot and Lowes may seem attractive because of their somewhat lower initial cost.

Cons: However, once the pump is installed, you’ll quickly discover its significantly lower flow rate doesn’t provide good water pressure in the home.  Then in a short period of time when the pump fails, you’ll also discover it’s not repairable and the Warranty process is a nightmare and thus worthless.   This is why professional technicians consider these brands throw away pumps.

Top Quality Well Pump Brands: Sta-Rite and Goulds

Overall Rating: High Quality

Pros: Goulds Well Pumps and Sta-Rite Well Pumps are the two brands used by more than 80% of homeowners because of their performance, ability to be repaired in the future, and their longevity.   After years of field experience it is our opinion that Goulds Well Pumps offer the highest flow and pressure combination and best value for dollar spent.

Cons: High Quality Well Pumps cost a bit more initially.

Shallow Well Pump Comparison Chart



Suction Lift: 15ft
Flow Rt @40PSI

Suction Lift: 15ft
Flow Rt @50PSI

Max Pressure


3/4 HP


4.5 GPM

55 PSI


3/4 HP


4.5 GPM

55 PSI


3/4 HP


4.5 GPM

55 PSI


3/4 HP

10.1 GPM

6.1 GPM

70 PSI


1 HP

15.8 GPM

10.1 GPM

67 PSI


1 HP

19.5 GPM

13.8 GPM

70 PSI


1.5 HP

21.5 GPM

20.4 GPM

75 PSI

Big Box Well Pump (Low Quality/Performance)


Goulds Well Pump (High Quality/Performance)

Well-Pump Repair-and-New-Water-Well-Pumps-and-Pressure-Tank-Vero-Beach-FL

Shallow Well Jet Pump and Pressure Tank Installation Vero Beach, FL

How Much is a Water Pump for a Well?

The cost of a Well Water Pump Installation includes three main categories; the Pump, the Labor, and the related Installation Parts.  The Well Pump may be a Submersible Pump, or an Above Ground type Pump. The kind of pump, horsepower rating, and quality of pump will impact the pump cost significantly.  Lastly, the related parts can also vary substantially depending on whether the installation is a new installation or a replacement of an existing well pump.

With these variables the average cost to replace a well pump can be:

  • $875 – $975 for a top quality 1 HP Shallow Well Jet Pump, with labor provided minimal related installation parts are necessary
  • $2,400 – $2,900 for a 2 HP Submersible Pump, labor and related installation parts where a new controller box would be necessary

Above Ground Shallow Well Jet Pumps are the right match for approximately 90% of the applications in the Okeechobee, Vero Beach, Sebastian, Port St Lucie and Treasure Coast area.  One of the two Goulds Pumps listed below will be the correct pump in most home and small business applications.

Shallow Well Jet Pumps by Goulds are the #1 most requested pump because they provide the highest combination of water pressure, flow rate and durability.  The comparable Sta-Rite Shallow Well Jet Pumps are the second most popular brand of Shallow Well Jet Pump but provide a bit less pressure and flow vs Goulds.


If the cheapest immediate solution is your primary goal then The Home Depot and Lowes sell Well Pumps and Water Pumps which may be a viable solution.  There are however some tradeoffs to purchasing one of these pumps rather than a higher quality model you should be aware of.  To learn more for a well-informed decision check out the Well Pump Comparison Chart above which shows the differences in performance.

Get the best deal and save big on the highest performing Goulds Pumps  by mentioning Discount Code GIVETHANKS when you call to order.  Plus locals can enjoy same day delivery and an Extra year of Warranty* when you let our pros install it.

Well Pump Brand/Model


Special Buy with Discount

Goulds J10S Shallow Well Jet Pump 1 HP 115/230VAC



Goulds J15S Shallow Well Jet Pump 1.5 HP 115/230VAC



SAME DAY DELIVERY (Orders before 3PM)

Live Local: We deliver Well Pumps to Okeechobee, Vero Beach, Sebastian, Felsmere, Port St Lucie(North of Indrio Road)

Get an EXTRA YEAR of WARRANTY when you add Pro Installation Labor $325.00

Well-Pump Repair-and-New-Water-Well-Pumps-and-Pressure-Tank-Vero-Beach-FL

Shallow Well Jet Pump and Pressure Tank Installation Vero Beach, FL

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Well Water Pump Repair Service – Vero Beach, FL

How to know What Size or HP Well Pump I Need?

To determine the best well pump size you will want to consider the water use needs of your home.  Quality Well Pumps are rated in GPM (gallons per minute). An average 3 – 4 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms needs a pump that can produce 10 – 12 GPM @ 40 PSI.   For each additional full bathroom or significant fixture you will want a pump that has an additional 2 GPM of flow rate at the desired pressure level.  If your pump will also be used to water the lawn during any daytime hours you will want an additional 8 – 10 GPM of flow rate.

In many cases a 1 HP Shallow Well Jet Pump by Goulds will be an excellent match for your home.  In some large homes with a family of 5 or more where you will be running an irrigation system during part of the day and or you simply want the maximum pressure and flow rate the Goulds 1.5 HP Shallow Well Jet Pump will be the best fit.

It is important to remember that horsepower rating does not indicate what the pumps flow rate and pressure will be.  As you can see from the chart above the lower cost pumps do not produce the same flow rate as the better quality pumps most often used.  To hide their limited flow rate the manufacturer will in many cases list the flow rate in GPH (gallons per hour) or will give a GPM flow rate at 0 feet of suction lift which is not a realistic situation.  The GPH performance of these low cost pumps really drops off as the suction lift increases or you desire good pressure in the 50 PSI rangeCity Water pressure is 60 PSI in most cases so having a similar pressure is an important comfort.

Well Pump - Frequently Asked Questions

7 Warning Signs you need your Well Pump Repaired 

  1. Noisy or grinding sound coming from the pump.
  2. The well pump cycles on and off rapidly.
  3. You hear a hum but the pump does not come on.
  4. The pump runs constantly but does not shut off.
  5. Your pump looses prime continually.
  6. Water flow and pressure are low.
  7. The breaker continually trips.

Well Pump Repair Vero Beach Sebastian Felsmere Okeechobee FLA Well Pump combines an Electric Motor which spins an impeller inside a pump housing which creates suction to lift water from your well and transfer that water under pressure to your home or business.  The well pump design configuration may be a jet pump or for a Sprinkler System it may be a centrifugal pump.  The water pump system often includes a Bladder or Pressure tank to hold a reserve of water which keeps the pump from cycling on and off too frequently and extends the life of the well pump system.  A pressure switch tells the pump when the bladder tank is low and when to turn on and draw more water from the well.

If you have checked the breaker and still can’t get your well pump to operate be sure to leave the power to your well pump off until a technician arrives.  This will protect your pump from potential further damage.

To get water immediately when your Well Pump isn’t working ask your next door neighbor if you can share some water until you get your well or well pump fixed.  To do this run a water hose from your neighbors water spigot to a water spigot that is before your water softener system.  To connect the hose end to the spigot use a brass double female hose connector.

Shallow-Well-Jet-Pump-with-Pressure-Tank_A common Well bore hole for your home may be 2 inches in diameter and 35, 75 or even 125 feet deep.  When the static water depth less any water draw down during the Well Pump operation, known as the pumping level depth, is 25 feet deep or less a Shallow Well Jet Pump can be used.  The closer to zero the pumping level is the greater the flow rate and pressure a Shallow Well Jet Pump will be able to produce.

In cases where the well water will supply water to your home or also a Sprinkler System a Shallow Well Jet Pump with Pressure Tank is the most common system configuration.



Convertible-Jet-Pump-with-deep-well-adapterWhen the static water level and subsequent pumping level during pump operation is deeper than 25 feet a Convertible Jet Pump can be used with a Deep Well Adapter.






In cases where the well water will provide water solely to a Sprinkler System, a Centrifugal Pump with Pump Start Relay will be the appropriate configuration.

The simplest guidelines for pressure tank sizing is as follows: 1 GPM (gallons per minute) of drawdown for each GPM of flow.  An average 3 – 4 Bedroom home using 8 GPM of flow will want a 20 Gallon Pressure Tank (the measure of Total Volume of Tank) which has a drawdown of about 8 gallons (the usable amount of pressurized Water in the tank before the Pump Pressure Switch activates the Pump).

When available space and your budget allows a bigger pressure tank is beneficial because it lessens the amount of times your pump will come on and off which increases the longevity of the pump.  Also as your flow rate increases beyond 10 GPM you should increase your drawdown to 1.5 GPM for each 1 GPM of flow.  Then beyond 20 GPM it would be a good practice to increase  your drawdown to 2 GPM for each 1 GPM of flow.

First unplug or disable the power. Next the Pressure Switch can be adjusted to increase the cut-off cut-on pressure range by turning the pressure adjusting nut clockwise on the main spring post assembly.  For each complete turn you will increase pressure 2 ½ PSI.

IMPORTANT: Do not increase the PSI more than 5 PSI below the Maximum PSI of the Pump or you may cause the pump to not be able to cut-off and overheat causing damage.  If you are not sure what the Max PSI of your pump is you should have a professional technician make the adjustment for you.

On some Pressure switches you may have a second smaller spring post. This maintains the 20 PSI range between the cut-on and cut-off and rarely needs adjusted.  To increase only the cut-off pressure turn the nut on the smaller spring post clockwise.

Piston Drum PumpThere needs to be a ball valve after the well pump which needs to be shut off.  Then using a few added fittings you can attach a Piston Drum Pump like the AMT Hp01-99 and manually draw water from the well.

First turn off the power to the pump. Next, if your above ground well pumps has a metal priming plug on the upper surface remove it to fill the pump casing with water.  If there is no priming plug you may be able to remove a pressure gauge and add water thru the opening.  Lastly you may need to add a priming T at the exit of your pump.  Then you will be able to remove the plug and add water.

First verify the well pump is working.  If not cycle the breaker off then on and check to see if the pump is pumping water.  If the well pump is working check to see if the pump housing is hot to the touch.  If so you may have a damaged pump or the well or line to the well may have a problem.

If the well is working but the well pump casing is not hot to the touch you may try re-priming the pump and test again.  If these steps have not solved the problem it may be time to call a professional well pump technician to inspect the well, suction lines and pump.

An annual Well and Pump inspection is a best practice.  The well water should be tested annually including for bacteria and other changes in water quality.  Visually inspect the pump and wiring to verify it is in good safe condition.  Listen for loud or abnormal operation of the pump such as short cycling (cut-on and cut-off quickly). Cycle any ball valves to the closed then open positions. Also, check the air pressure in the Pressure Tank which should be set to 5 PSI below the Pressure Switch cut-off pressure.   Also see: What Maintenance is needed for my Water Softener System?

Here we provide a Water Resource Directory and information about protecting, accessing and distributing clean water resources as well as survival guides.

NGO and Non-Profit

Compassion International
Compassion partners with thousands of local churches in 25 countries to bring safe water and improved sanitation to the children in their care. Clean water helps them stay healthy, remain active in school and focus their energy on overcoming poverty.

Charity Water
Open-book non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

Hope of Life
Christian missions organization providing food and water to the impoverished people of Guatemala.

Lifewater International
Christian non-profit organization with nearly 40 years of experience across 40 countries.

Pacific Institute
A global water think tank that combines science-based thought leadership with active outreach to influence local, national, and international efforts in developing sustainable water policies.

Non-profit project founded by Matt Damon and Gary White which pioneers market-driven financial solutions to the global water crisis.

World Resources Institute
WRI’s water branch which works with businesses, governments, and civil society to ensure a water-secure future.

World Water Day
World Water Day, on 22 March every year, is about focusing attention on the importance of water.

Water Lex
International non-governmental organization which aims to secure the human rights to water and sanitation through law and policy reform.

World Water Council
An international multi-stakeholder platform organization whose mission is to mobilize action on critical water issues at all levels, including the highest decision-making level

The CEO Water Mandate
The CEO Water Mandate mobilizes business leaders to advance water stewardship, sanitation, and the Sustainable Development Goals – in partnership with the United Nations, governments, peers, civil society, and others.

Sky Juice
Non-profit organization based in Australia which aims to reduce the ill health and disease of children through improved water and sanitation.

Save the Water
U.S.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to solving the world water crisis through water science research and by forming alliances with organizations, scientists, universities, media, businesses, and governments around the world.

The Water Project
A non-profit organization unlocking human potential by providing reliable water projects to communities in sub-Saharan Africa who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation.

Clean Water Fund
Based in Washington, DC, Clean Water Fund operates locally staffed environmental and health protection programs serving communities in more than 15 states.

Water Aid
UK-based non-profit organization working in 28 countries to provide clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

Water is Life
NGO providing clean drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene education programs to schools and villages in desperate need.

The Last Well
NGO whose mission is to provide access to clean water for the entire nation of Liberia by 2020.

Columbia Water Center
A branch of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, this center focuses on researching and addressing global water-related challenges

Three Avocados
Christian NGO coffee company who uses 100% of net proceeds to provide clean water to stressed areas

Pure Madi
An interdisciplinary collaboration of students and faculty at the University of Virginia, Pure Madi is working to provide sustainable solutions to global water problems

World Ocean Observatory
Leading organization advocating for the health and sustainability of the ocean through an accessible worldwide network of communication

Water for Good
Non-profit organization focusing on tackling clean water problems in the Central African Republic

Pure Water for the World
NGO whose mission is to improve lives by empowering people with access to life’s most basic necessities…safe water and sanitation

NGO focused on addressing the global water crisis from multiple, effective angles

Water and Health
An organization whose mission is to promote science based practices and policies to enhance water quality and health by advising industry, health professionals, policy makers and the public

Governmental Agencies

U.S. Geological Survey
USGS Water branch whose mission is to collect and disseminate reliable, impartial, and timely information that is needed to understand the Nation’s water resources.

National Water Information System
Web interface by US Geological Survey which provides data on water sources collected throughout all 50 US states and territories.

UN Water
UN-Water coordinates the efforts of UN entities and international organizations working on water and sanitation issues.

Information and Resources

Clean Water for Laymen
Online resource for information on practical ways to finding, developing, and delivering clean water to those in need.

Circle of Blue
Website responsible for gathering trusted news and information regarding freshwater policy and data from around the world.

Water Benefits Health
Wealth of information about the health benefits of proper and adequate clean water consumption

Freshwater Ecoregions of the World
Interactive maps locating freshwater eco-regions around the world

Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas
Part of the Freshwater Information Platform, the Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas is an online information resource featuring maps of global freshwater sources.

Freshwater Information Platform
The Freshwater Information Platform is an online resource of data and tools for science and policy for freshwater research.

International Water Association
Largest network of water professionals with members and staff from 130 countries, with the goal of progressing water management worldwide.

The Nature Conservancy
A joint effort by PepsiCo and The Nature Conservancy to increase recycling and protect water at its source.

Water Scarcity Solutions
Put together by the 2030 Water Resources Group, Water Scarcity Solutions is a vast, accessible catalogue of best practice solutions to addressing the growing water scarcity challenge

Water Education Foundation
Water Education Foundation features the Water Academy, a vast online resource of various articles on all subjects related to water sustainability

The Water Channel
A useful online resource providing hundreds of educational videos on understanding all aspects of the global water crisis

Sustainability and Survival

Websites and blogs which focus on sustainability, survivalism, prepping, off-grid living, and homesteading

All Self Sustained

Modern Survival Blog


My Daily Informer

More Than Just Surviving

Urban Survival Site

The Southern Homesteader

Livable Future


Prepper Website

Survival Blog

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